RECIPE | Spanish Beef Casserole with Garden Greens

Fancy a casserole but don’t have a spare 2 hours? Try this quick and delicious meal.

The perfect complement to our Spanish Beef Casserole, is adding your favourite garden greens! As a tomato-based dish, we recommend adding steamed beans and broccoli to bring balance to the meal.

All you need to do is follow the heating instructions for the Spanish Beef Casserole, and steam green beans and broccoli. Job done. 

Add a slice of crusty bread from your local bakery and – boom – you’re in Barcelona! 

Cooked using ingredients you would have at home, our chilled meals mean you can eat well, and have more time to do what you love – like practising your Spanish dancing! Eat our chilled meals by themselves, or you can add a few quick elements to make it take it to the next level. Get creative!

What do you add to your Tomorrow’s Meal Chilled Meal?

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