RECIPE | Mexican Chicken Quesadilla

Put down the ham sandwich and upgrade to this quick and tasty Mexican Chicken quesadilla!

All you need to create this family-favourite dish is our chilled Mexican Chicken, wraps, coleslaw, avocado and parsley.

Using our delicious Pulled Chicken in a Mexican sauce with Refried Beans and Cheese as your filling, grill it in a toastie maker between two wraps from the supermarket. Add something fresh with some coleslaw, avocado and garnish with parsley. And – Hola – it’s your own quesadilla!

Cooked using the ingredients you would have at home, our chilled meals mean you can eat well, and have more time to do what you love -like starting that mariachi band! Eat our chilled meals by themselves, or you can add a few quick elements to take it to the next level.

What do you add to your Tomorrow’s Meal Chilled Meal?

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